The Norman Agency is Canada's only agency that specializes in creating audio marketing communications: consumer and B2B radio ads, corporate podcasts, and more.


Launched in October 2000, The Norman Agency is an international-award-winning company that writes, casts, records and produces powerful communications using a simple, but comprehensive, start-to-finish process.

We're hired by direct advertisers, other agencies, and radio stations. We work on campaigns for a wide variety of consumer and B2B products and services. We'll work on a project basis or with a long-term relationship in mind. And our work produces measurable results for our clients.

One more thing: 98 percent of our projects come in on or under budget (2 percent come in over, and we pay the difference if the additional cost isn't due to changes to the project scope).

So, if you need great audio for your consumer or B2B marketing and a company to make the process easy relax: you've come to the right place.


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