The work we do is based on a nine-step process that enables you to rely on us for all aspects of the creation and distribution of your audio communications. It's a simple, but proven process. For example, when we work on a radio project:


1 Discussion about your marketing communication goals

We need to understand what you'd like to accomplish with this project. After all, it's not about our company; it's about yours.

2 Estimate Preparation

And it's an accurate estimate! No surprise costs.

3 Critical Path Determination

To make sure that we meet all deadlines.

4 Determining the Core Messages

We work with you to develop a creative brief for this project. It's vital to know what needs to be communicated, to whom and why that's important both to your business and your target audience BEFORE we get to the...

5 Scriptwriting

We provide a number of concepts and approaches in script form and supported by the creative brief for you to make final selections.

6 Casting

Various, highly skilled voice performers record auditions for you. These auditions are based on what we've written for this project, so you'll get a clear idea what your finished commercials will actually sound like. 

7 Recording & Mixing Final Production

The final scripts come to life.

8 Trafficking

Instructions to the stations, so they know exactly what to run and exactly when.

9 Distribution

No point creating great ads if they don't get to the stations.

The process for developing podcasts is very similar. Any variations will depend on your needs.


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